The Black Prisim: Book Review

Author: Brent Weeks 

Goodreads Description:

My Thoughts: I found this book while on the hunt for another fantasy book. Let me just say I’m glad that I found it!! Since this was the 1st book in the series it did take some getting into, simply because I had to learn the world and understand the magic system. Once I did I could not put it down, halfway through this book I bought the next to in the series.

This novel has a magic school, war, romance, I mean need I say more? Not to mention we enter this story with the lead character knowing he only has 5 years left to live. I gave this book a 4.75 out 5 stars and I would recommend this if you like Brandon Sanderson or Patrick Rothfuss you will enjoy this. Let me know if any of y’all have read this book or series and what you thought. Until next time happy reading y’all!!!!!