The Devil Inside Book Review

Author: Jenna Black 

Goodreads Description: Possession. Murder. Mayhem.

Let the games begin…

Exorcism isn’t a job, it’s a calling—and a curse. Just ask Morgan Kingsley, a woman who has a stronger aura than any Demon. Or so she thought. Now, in a pair of black leather pants and a kick-ass tattoo, Morgan is heading back to Philadelphia after a nasty little exorcism—and her life is about to be turned upside down… by the Demon that’s gotten inside her.

Not just any Demon. Six foot five inches of dark, delicious temptation, this one is to die for—that is, if he doesn’t get Morgan killed first. Because while some humans vilify Demons and others idolize them, Morgan’s Demon is leading a war of succession no human has ever imagined. For a woman trying to live a life, and hold on to the almost-perfect man, being possessed by a gorgeous rebel Demon will mean a wild ride of uninhibited thrills, shocking surprises, and pure, unadulterated terror.…

My Thoughts: I picked up this book thanks to a book club I’m in and if it wasn’t for those ladies I would have never read this because it was nowhere near my radar. I enjoyed the concept and the idea of such a strong female lead, however I found myself becoming very annoyed with Morgan. She was a bit naive and at times whiny, she did things without thinking only to realize her mistake minutes later. I just wanted to shake her at some points in the book. 

Even with her flaws I didn’t want to put down the book, simply because I needed to know what why and when. There are sex scenes in this book as well as S&M so if you cannot read about those things this isn’t a book for you. I did enjoy to of the “main” side characters and there relationship. All in all I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars and I will continue with the series. I’m hoping in the books to come we get some back story on why Morgan is the way she is because there has got to be more to her inability to trust and etc than “my parents liked my brother more than me”. 

Another thing that I did enjoy was the world. It’s set in “our world” but the fact that demons are accepted as a part of existence was interesting. There was really no “shadow world “. Have any of you read this book or the series? I don’t feel it’s very well known. I would recommend this if you are a fan of supernatural and don’t mind the sex scenes. 



I love to read and to discover new books!!!

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