Ugly Love Book Review

This is my 1st Colleen Hoover book and the only reason I picked this up was due to a read-a-thon challenge (read an author or genre that’s new to you). Boy am I glad I did. Ugly Love follows a woman named Tate who has just finished college but doesn’t have enough money to live on her own while she starts her 1st job. Enter helpful big brother lol he let’s her live with him until she can afford a place of her own. Of course he has friends one of whom sparks her interest.

Miles is attractive and a pilot who has no time for love but there is something about Tate. They make an agreement to have no strings attached sex. The only thing is Tate could not ask questions about his past and never expect a future.

Now I know y’all are thinking the same thing I was “this is gonna be another 50 shades” lol but it honestly wasn’t. Colleen Hoover has a way of make a book that you would think would be all about sex into a meaningful story. This book made me laugh, cry, broke my heart, and restored my faith in love. It was amazing, so amazing that as soon as I finished I bought another book by her. I would recommend this its a great read. I gave this book 5 stars.




I love to read and to discover new books!!!

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