The Duff Book Review

I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy and dystopian novels so today when I went to my bookshelf for a book I wanted a lighter stand alone. I noticed this book has been on my shelf for 6 months and I had no idea what it was about other than The Designated Ugly Fat Friend. I figured why not give these 280pages a try. Needless to say I enjoyed it. The book follows 17 yr old Bianca in her last year of highschool after she’s just been told by the biggest womanizer in the school that she’s The Duff.

We get to see how this affects Bianca and her relationship with her 2 best friends Jessica and Casey, as well as some questionable behavior. Even though the book touches on some serious topics it was a very light hearted read that I finished in 1 sitting. I would recommend this to get over a book hang over or if you are like me and just want an easy enjoyable read. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. Happy Reading!!!!!



I love to read and to discover new books!!!

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