Daughter of Smoke and Bone

OK let me start this by saying I went through this 400 + pages in 24 hours. Yes 24 hours I started yesterday morning and finished this morning. That’s with me being forced to stop by well life lol. Now with that being said I’m sure you can guess I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!
I put off reading this series for awhile but I figured I’d start it this month (October) since it involves angels and demons. The story follows a regular teen girl who is dealing with an obnoxious ex and high school. Then we find that the fantasy world that she draws for her friends is real. Karou is not a “normal” teen she lives a parallel life full of magic.
The author Lani Taylor did a great job building the two worlds (modern day Czech and the magical world) in a way that kept my attention. I felt apart of the world and I love when an author can make me forget where I am. If you are craving a different take on angels and demons, adventure, mystery, family bonds, and love this book is for you. I give this novel 5 out of 5 stars. HAPPY READING!!