The Night Circus

Oh my God……. Trying to find the words for this review. Let me start with a statement that I made on my tumbler this book is like nothing I have ever read before. It was pure magic in a novel, bravo Erin Morgenstern! Ok let’s start with the premise of the book, all you are told is there is a circus that comes without warning is only open at night. This circus is the stage where 2 magicians are set to duel…….

My favorite part of this book was the fact that while I was reading it I was at the night circus not in my home. The author did an amazing job with description. I could almost smell the caramel. I found that I couldn’t put this book down but it was a slow read. It wasn’t slow in a bad way but I took my time making sure that I took in every word on the pages.

Normally I am attached to a particular character but here I was attached to the circus itself. I don’t want to spoil the novel so I can’t give too much detail but I wasn’t caught up in the romance or character development I was worried about the how the duel would end and what would happen to the circus. With that being said I loved all the characters except one and that was Hector Bowen ugh I hated him.

My rating for this novel is a 5 out of 5, I wouldn’t change a thing. If you are looking for a whimsical read, a book that makes you think, that is completely different from anything that is on the book shelves PICK THIS NOVEL UP! Happy Reading



I love to read and to discover new books!!!

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